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In Memorie of Max the Cairn max-port.JPG (13651 bytes)

One of my best friends, were my Cairn Terrier Max. But october 1997 Max died.  He was eleven years old and had congestive heart failure.....his heart was too big......  Since I have no children, Max was my little boy and this page is in memorie of my great friend.

Please enjoy your visit.
Jill Sisson
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max-port.JPG (13651 bytes)
my Cairn Terrier Max
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Here's me, Max & Mom last christmas '96

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Here is Max with friend Gordy at doggie daycare


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This is one of my favorites


birthday.JPG (16743 bytes)
Max waiting to get his birthday cake


tigger.JPG (8931 bytes)
Max waiting for a treat

sangatuck-1.JPG (20145 bytes) sangatuck-2.JPG (18547 bytes)
This is me & Max over in Sangatuck, Michigan.
Where Max wanted to walk in the fountain ....

scotland.JPG (22221 bytes) Here I am in OBAN, Scotland, and all I could find were English Sheepdog !!

I have now adopted a new cairn Gordon Mc. Duff. You can visit his page by cliking his welcomming cake.

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Design by Berit Rosenfeldt - Cairn Terrier in Denmark
November 17th 1997