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The cairn
Gordon Mc. Duff
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When MAX died, I felt very sad, after a week I started to look for another friend. I found a wonderfull cairn again, his name is Gordon Mc. Duff. I adopted him, and my friends made a "Puppy Shower". Here you can see the photo's from the shower.

Thank's to mum for taking all the photo's.

Please enjoy your visit.
Jill Sisson
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Mc. Duff snooping around the presents at the party "Oh boy, what's inside the package?"

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"Something for me"


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The whole crew at doggie-day-care who put on the party- Form the left: Noelle, Kathy, Nancy & Carol.

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What can I say, but we are definitate CRAZY AMERICANS !!
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Here MAC meets MAGGIE MAE, an Australian Shepard, owned by my friend Shelli.
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Shelli & Jenna at the party

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I must say - the cake was delicious.

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"This party is so bouring, I keep falling asleep"
This is Autie Barbie's greyhound - BILLIE


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Don't I get any presents ? Why does that "little brat" get everything, says MAGGIE MAE

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Design by Berit Rosenfeldt - Cairn Terrier in Denmark
November 29th 1997